Supposedly women are obsessed with and own many pairs of, shoes. I don’t fit into that category but! I bought 3 pairs of shoes for myself last week. I’m qualifying this statement by adding that I haven’t bought shoes for myself in over a year, and even then it was just 1 pair of boots. And before that it had been at least another year since I had purchased footwear for me.

I do buy a lot of shoes, for almost everyone else in my house. I say almost because I haven’t purchased shoes for the teenager, although I wouldn’t rule it out in future because I’m very good at it. I know the places to get good quality and good-looking foot coverings.

One pair I bought last week was pure indulgence for me, a pair of Fly London shoes ( I have coveted these shoes for years and I finally have a pair for me, in my house! That I can wear any time I want!

I also bought a pair of Tom’s wedges ( Did you know there’s now a copycat company (giving a pair of shoes to a child who needs them, every time you purchase a pair of Tom’s shoes) called Bob’s shoes? I suppose that was inevitable. It’s quite a good hook to sell shoes. The purchaser gets a new pair of shoes and a virtual pat on the back for helping a shoeless kid.

The 3rd pair are Keen running shoes ( I adore Keen shoes because my ‘old lady feet’ (c) don’t hurt even after pounding the pavement all day. I wore a pair on my trip to France and they held up really well although to be fair I got only 4 days of walking in before I broke my ankle on some stupid French stairs. Anyway, I got the Keens at a huge discount, 50% off. Yes indeed. Yay me.

Its good that girl midget’s feet are smaller than mine or else I would have to set up a defensive perimeter around my bedroom. She loves all of my new shoes and so loves to put them on and try to convince me they fit her.


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