Oh really?

I keep seeing and therefore thinking about all the lovely (aka stoopid) inspirational artwork. The latest one is “Grow where you’re planted.” Really? Stay happy little plebes in your ordinary life and don’t make waves or strive to be more because that would cause others problems. The 7 dwarfs had next to no material possessions and are portrayed as happy as pigs in shit. Not to go off on a tangent but that saying is not logical or correct. Pigs are actually very clean animals.

Many readers of this blog know about my adoration for The Office (seasons 1 – 6). There is one episode in season 5 where Michael Scott is invited to speak at a company meeting where the employees are dissatisfied and rowdy. Michael Scott was a hit with the crowd. In the executive lounge during a break in the meeting, Michael told the executives the employees were upset. An executive responded with “Who cares?” Poignant and apt. And why should executives care about the happiness of employees? I’m not sure I would give a crap unless it affected the bottom line. And even then, there are always people clamoring to take the place of dissatisfied employees. 

Husband runs his own Apple repair store and recently took on a young man as a part time employee. We met him when we hired him a few times to do small moves for us. He’s a smart, polite, affable guy who has been trying to make his way in this city as a graphic designer. He has education in this field and but so far has not been able to get a foothold as an employee in an office situation. We are fortunate to have met him while his brain is plump and pink!  



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