Working from Home

As a long-term employee with the sort of job that is easy to do remotely (i.e. it’s just me and my laptop against the world, with few to no meetings), I work from home 2 days a week regularly. These happen to be the days when the youngest midgets find themselves ‘sick’. So I usually don’t tell them when I’m staying home. I get dressed, get them to school, etc, and then turn around and walk back home to where my laptop lays waiting silently for me.

I looked at a One of a Kind Show application just to see what’s involved. To buy a space costs $765. That’s a lot of Barbie clothes. I’m thinking about amassing a big stock of crocheted Barbie fashion and then eventually buying a table at a craft show or other community event. Until the right event comes along, I’ll be crocheting, anywhere and everywhere.


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