What happened to your chin?!

I have a scab on my chin, and since I’m a pasty white Canadian, the scab is very noticeable. Many people have asked how I got that scab. Well, I was roasting some nuts in a frying pan on the stove top, and I couldn’t tell if they were done or not. I proceeded to smell them, aaaaand brought the pan too close to my face. Burned my chin. Shit!

Maybe I’ll stick to raw foods from now on. Cooking isn’t my forte, really isn’t. All of this adoption of new foods, cooking new recipes with varying success, has been difficult for me to embrace because of my lack of skills and interest in this area. So yeah, I expect a pat on the back for my efforts. And if I burn my chin while cooking? Don’t laugh at me, or you’ll be cooking your own food. And No, I’m not giving up on the almond milk. My kids are pissed because I took away the cow’s milk from them. However, you know what? It’s a great way to completely eliminate sugary and pretending-to-be-wholesome cereals from their diet. Ha!



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