You don’t know what I’ve got

I’m not a perfect person. I inadvertently hurt others’ feelings and there are also occasions on which I’m not able to hide my emotions when necessary. In polite society it’s necessary to use tact, through words or omission of words, hiding unflattering thoughts and feelings, and sometimes lying through one’s teeth. Those are necessary evils, ones that, in my teens and 20s, I figured were old-fashioned and I could blaze a trail for myself in which I would always be honest. However.

I was raised to be polite, and being polite is sometimes incompatible with being honest. Also, I learned early that, if I did something naughty, being honest was not going to help me in that situation. Lying was disapproved of, but occasionally I fooled my parents and so escaped punishment those times. 

I was also raised to be respectful to my elders, and I find that even when an elder is driving me completely fucking mad, I am still polite and accommodating. I can’t help myself. That’s probably a good thing.


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