Redeeming Qualities

I am at work today (duh, it’s a Thursday and I work on a cube farm, so where else would I be?) and just as I was getting on an elevator, I caught a whiff of someone’s very strong fabric softener. The scent came from the clothes of a man, so my brain immediately made some assumptions: The man did not wash his own clothes, and he probably didn’t fold them or put them away either, because he has a woman in his life who does all of these things. I’d like to think I’m a modern woman who believes in complete egalitarianism in the household. This arrangement simply does not exist in nature. Yes I know most of you reading this will be able to cite an example of such a utopia where household chores are split equally. I’d wager that in 100% of these cases, there are no offspring in the house. 

Oh my heck I am so tired today. That’s probably why I have such a skewed view of who is doing what, and where. I can admit when I’m wrong. Case in point: 

The problem is, speaking up about an unfair workload is tedious. I mean for shit’s sake, can’t you see dirty clothes and dishes, and dirty kids and hungry dogs? And I’m talking about my kids here too, not just husband. And it’s not as if husband is a slacker. He’s really not. I’m just tired. On tonight’s schedule is piano lessons. Tomorrow is a PA day for school, so I’ll be working from home while the kids are with me. 

Yesterday I also had a serious phone conversation with boy’s school vice-principal. After all that BS about boy not doing his homework and being unorganized, it turns out he was on the receiving end of good old-fashioned bullying. I found this out a couple of nights ago. There are 2 boys in his class in particular who were being mean to boy every day since school started this year. It’s no wonder the kid doesn’t want to go to school! I told the VP I would give him the opportunity to resolve the issue with the 2 boys and my boy. But if the behaviour doesn’t stop, I will get more involved. I have no problem calling their parents myself. Today I feel fairly calm about the situation; yesterday I wanted to slam the boys’ heads onto concrete. 

Last night boy came home and he let me know that the VP, and one of the offenders, and boy all had a conversation during which the offender apologized and in the end they shook hands. The 2nd offender was absent from school and so when he returns he will be properly chastised as well. This is not to say boy hasn’t been slacking at home, but at least his school year is going to improve. 


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