Around 1 pm

My brain sort of shuts off. A quick fix is a short trip to Marshall’s, which is conveniently located across the street from work. 

This morning I had an epiphany I’d like to share: I do not want to not work. In other words, I definitely do not want to be a stay at home Mom. When my kids were babies it would have been nice to take 5 years off, but I didn’t, and my career continued on its merry way. Well, not merry. But you know what I mean. I am not looking to ‘retire’ and stay home. This is a significant revelation for me because up until today I might have been slightly pining and a little jealous of women who are able to stay home with their offspring. I took a significant amount of time off this past summer and I really enjoyed it. But now I realize that while an extended vacation is great, staying home all the time is not for me. I imagine I would be much less productive than I expect, and would likely become a shut-in. Besides that, I like getting paid for my time, even if sometimes I feel like what I am doing doesn’t count for much. 

Yesterday evening I took 2 midgets to the dentist. Beautiful! No payment, because I have full benefits from my employer. So, there’s that. 

This past weekend I went to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 with the little midgets. The movie was very cute and full of fun puns. The scenes where the young inventor joins the Liv Corp company is particularly poignant for me because all of the would-be inventors work in a gray cube farm that resembles a honey comb in form. Isolated yet surrounded by other people. It’s quite the paradox.




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