That’s against the rules

Ha! Just kidding. There are no rules.

Last Friday I ran out of my anti-goin’ crazy pills, and there were no refills left on the prescription. I rationed out my meds for the weekend to keep myself on as even a keel as possible. It worked, and on Monday I called the pharmacy, who then called my doctor’s office, who renewed the prescription over the phone, and then the pharmacy called me back to let me know my new pills were ready for pick up. Yay. This is a responsible adult, ladies and gentlemen.

I make rules at home. I do not make rules anywhere else. It’s an interesting dichotomy. My girl midget thinks I should become a manager at my job, simply because I’ve been there for so long. I’ve heard the same comments from other people too. The main reasons I have not strived to be manager are that: the pay isn’t much more than I make now; the work hours would be a LOT more than I work currently; and the stress of being a manager and being the first on the chopping block if there are cutbacks to be made would be too much for me to bear on a daily basis.

I tried to explain that if I become a manager (which I think I could, given enough investment of time and ambition), I would be home a lot less. And when I was home, I would be less present, more preoccupied with my TPS reports (Friends reference!) than anything else. I think what many people don’t understand is that I have acheived my personal work goals. I have worked hard and put in the years here so that I can now do my job very easily, from home if needed, and take time off whenever I need, because I have enough seniority to have racked up significant vacation time. If I were a man in his 40s, I would probably not be satisfied with this.

I married my Husband partly because he is significantly older than me (funnily enough, at first I considered our age difference a drawback). Many people (including moi and Husband) believe that women mature more quickly than men, especially when they become a parent. Men are out there hunting, gathering, striving for ever more authority in their work world as a show of strength. Women tend to sacrifice whatever is needed to keep their offspring’s/family’s well-being and success their life’s work. So yeah, I am happy with my work station, as it were. Now if I could just improve the decor here.


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