Rollin’ around on NYE

This New Year’s Eve, we decided to do something a little different. Traditionally it’s an evening of eating and drinking with friends, at our home or someone else’s. This is a great way to reconnect with everyone and it’s all very relaxing and indulgent. Jan 1, therefore, is traditionally a day of hangover recovery from food and alcohol.

This year I decided we should all go roller skating. It all started when I received a Living Social email (similar to Groupon) for a half-price roller skating lesson and session for 2 consecutive Sundays. Eureka! I just found something we can all do together. But then my hopes were dashed by the minimum age requirement being 18. Le Sigh Enorme.

Have no fear, Scooter’s Roller Palace is here! I have taken the kids here before for an afternoon or 2 and we all had a great time. As it turns out, Scooter’s was having a NYE skate from 9 pm – 2 am, ALL AGES. Obviously this is what we were going to do for NYE en famille.

We took the 3 youngest of our brood, plus 2 of their friends, for a total of 7 of us. We were all varying skill levels, from nil (Husband) to passable (me). 1 kid happened to be great at ice skating, so he did just fine. The others were successful in varying degrees at the beginning of the night, and nearly all of us had greatly improved after about 4 hours of skating. We ended up staying until 1 am, and even then I had to be dragged away. ‘Just 1 more around the rink!’ No matter that the little midgets were falling asleep in a booth in the snack bar area. ‘They’re fine!’ Um, Honey? They’re not fine. We need to leave. ‘Ugh. Ok. Party poopers.’

Today I bought some witch hazel for Husband, who has deep bruises on his elbow and palm of his hand. He went down hard.

Is it strange that I want to know how much that roller rink biz would sell for, should I want to make it my own?


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