Seriously, stop

With the cufflinks! Egad, who the FUCK wears whimsical cufflinks?! People who wear cufflinks are not the same target market as those who would wear something quirky. Such a market might exist but it must be tiny.

Also, I detest this part of the year but not because of the weather because it’s winter in Canada so what the hell do you expect in January?

I hate the Slim Band, Kellogg, Herbal Magic, Herb Life, generic meal replacement, exercise equipment that changed someone’s life, juice fasts that change other people’s lives, and well you get the idea. I don’t hate my body, I don’t need to make improvements to ‘problem areas’ and I definitely don’t need to change my entire diet or even part of my diet. I like the way I feel and the way I look and the way I eat.

I gave up alcohol a few months ago, and then had some wine at the beginning of December because we were celebrating something that involved wine and I love the taste of wine. I gave up my beloved wine because I realized it was dragging me down when I consumed it, and my energy level the next day was diminished as well. Also I don’t eat empty calories very often anymore and if any food is emptier than wine, I have yet to encounter that item. So anyway, the day after I drank 2 glasses of wine, I felt desiccated, lethargic, and instantly older.

I look at these January weight-loss advertisements with derision, sad for the people watching who would be in such a desperate state as to buy into its pitch. I am starting a new year NOT disliking any physical part of myself. This is an amazing accomplishment for a 43-yr old woman, I believe. I’m going to try to tuck this great feeling into my back pocket and take it out again on a cloudy day, whether it be literal or metaphorical.


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