On top

Forms for field trip for girl midget – signed, paid, put into a ziplock for school.

Forms for field trip for boy midget – signed, paid, online enrolment (it’s a 3-day excursion).

Vegan food – I cooked my butt off this weekend, and although the results received mixed reviews from others, I liked everything I created. I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel; I might be able to consistently cook food that my family enjoys, that doesn’t clash with my ethical and health concerns. I actually made my own crackers this weekend. I don’t know how often I’ll do that again, but the recipe was easy and I wanted to try it. Right now boy midget is eating homemade soup with homemade crackers. Pretty freakin’ cool.

Crochet – I completed the first of 2 sides for a pillow case I’m working on.

Laundry and blah blah blah was done too, as usual. The mess never takes a break and why would it? Clothes and dishes are made dirty, people take showers and brush teeth (including spitting toothpaste directly onto the faucet, have I mentioned how much I hate that? No? Consider yourself informed and go call your own parents to apologize for being such a slob when you were growing up. Or maybe apologize to your spouse if you’re still doing this stupid shit and not cleaning up after yourself).

I was an ardent supporter of The Big C television show, mostly because of how Laura Linney played a middle-aged teacher/mom/wife. Her role was well written, yes, but her exasperated looks, the sighs that punctuated many verbal interactions with students and her family, were a work of art. I was able to relate to her very well indeed. That’s not to say I’m a perpetual grump. I’m really not. Except some days are better than others.

Even for Linney’s character, some days were wonderful. Her role was well-rounded, showing her displaying teary-eyed genuine joy, proud of her son for a small achievement, and delivering a heart-felt speech to him, in front of his peers, to convince him to spend more time with her. She also has a complicated relationship with her husband, which is saying a lot for a television character. If you’re really interested in in-depth analysis of tv shows, I heartily endorse http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com. On this site, you can let your inner English major run wild holding up tv characters to the light, comparing and contrasting for hours on end.


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