Crazy Mommy

I am sometimes manic, it’s part of my illness. My midgets don’t know this; they are too young to understand and I’ve never explicitly told them what I struggle with. But they notice when I’m hyper and super high strung. They call this my Crazy Mommy mood. I talk quickly, I make suggestions that make more sense for the mind of a 16-yr old on crack, and I even blink more.

I am usually quite productive during a manic phase. I can clean with the speed of a cartoon tasmanian devil, run errands like I’m competing in The Amazing Race, and get office work done like I’m a male character in Mad Men. Why do people (i.e. women) like that show?! But I digress.

The aftermath of a manic episode is nearly devastating. I feel low and my movements are slow. I feel quite sad and even angry sometimes. I usually take to my bed and shut out the world. Husband knows this. He notices when I sleep more than usual. He knows what’s up.


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