Wow my readership has really increased

Thank you all for reading my posts.

I am but a small part of some people’s lives no matter how much I try to be more. I cannot force someone to be genuine and honest with me, nor would I try. That’s never been my style.

I know some children grow up and away from their parents, and I really hope that doesn’t happen with mine. Certainly I hope they continue to have a close, honest relationship with all of their parents.

Tomorrow when husband moves into his new retail space, my midgets are coming along to help and show their support. Husband is the worst at packing and moving. He nearly has panic attacks in the midst of all of the boxes. I think it’s important that, for all the things husband and I do for our midgets, we are in their thoughts as well.



When I attended university I lived on campus in residence for 1 term in my second year. I had such a great time that my grades torpedoed to lows I hadn’t ever seen before. I was having such a jolly old time that I didn’t even care! Ha ha.

Our quad was the East Quad, and I lived on the second of 3 floors. One of the women I lived with had t-shirts made up that said Peace in the Middle East. There was quite a bit of turmoil in the actual middle eastern part of the world at the time, so these shirts were a way to lighten the mood. I was so serious about world issues then; I had a lot of time on my hands to care about this sort of thing.

Navel-gazing is a popular pursuit in high school and university. I think this activity is a necessary part of growing up. We go from thinking we are the centre of the universe, to thinking our place might not be the centre but our voices and opinions are highly important. Eventually we experience the huge shift to adulthood and our voices get a little softer because we now realize everyone around us has dealt with varying degrees of ‘serious shit,’ same as we have, on their way to this phase of life. We find out we don’t know everything, and we experience a small inkling of hmmmm, experience is a great teacher. Our lines become softer, our blacks become grays and the whites are a nice shade of ecru. There are now exceptions we are willing to make, understanding we are willing to give others that we never thought we would have given. There’s not much anyone can do to speed up this process for others.


Yesterday was a very productive day around our house. Due to a technician spending the whole afternoon working on our furnace, we FINALLY have a warm house! He installed a humidifier too, so maybe we can avoid the ashy winter skin that plagues us each year?

I used my time at home with the furnace guy to clean, scrub, organize, and rearrange. It was all long overdue and yesterday I finally felt in the mood to tackle our mess.

I even created a vegan meal for Husband and I, one that he actually loved. It’s a mixture of edamame, mandarin oranges, red pepper, soy sauce, olive oil, and red pepper flakes, brought to a boil on the stove and simmered for about 10 minutes. Sweet and spicy, tastes great on rice or on its own. The midgets would have hated it but they didn’t have dinner at our house last night so at least I didn’t have to face that rejection yesterday.

Some day, in about 10 years, all of our midgets will be on their own. Husband and I will still have each other and I look forward to that. He and I are great friends. From the moment we met, we laughed together and bared our souls. We have helped each other through various family and financial crises and will continue to weather these storms together. I’m proud of our honest relationship and that during times of stress we support each other instead of turning on each other as I have seen other couples do. He’s a keeper.

Happy New Year!