Dogs Don’t Ask Questions

Dogs understand. They are easily won over. Lots of people identify themselves as dog people. Does that mean they are easily won over and compassionate even when they don’t understand the cause of the upset? Can you bribe these people with food?

Dogs are sleeping, warm, comforting lumps. Once they’re out of the puppy stage, dogs seem to nap most of the day and night. They are always up for a nap. The big dog at our house snores, more and more each day it seems. I love the sound of snoring. Husband snores too. Sometimes the snoring sounds like waves crashing on a beach. Other times it reminds me of a hibernating bear.

I find myself drawn to human noises, such as snoring and also the bustle of city life. I like living near other people in a community setting. I don’t want silence and isolation. And apparently I want noise around me even when I’m sleeping.