The Reluctant Astronaut

Also known as the main character in the movie Gravity.

‘Ugh, I get vertigo’

Really?! How about you take a moment (or a hundred) to appreciate being in the top 1% of astronauts who actually get to go into actual space. I just don’t buy this premise, that a woman who is given this opportunity would be bored/reluctant/meh about it.

And where are the rules of physics in this movie? When she and George’s character are suffering from George being pulled in an opposite direction, she could have just pulled a LITTLE bit to reel him back in. Where is this mysterious force pulling George away? Maybe I’m dumb.

And also when she was spinning, she could have just closed her eyes to avoid feeling so uncomfortable. Again, maybe I’m dumb.

I spent most of this movie being irritated with Sandra Bullock’s character. I watched this movie while on an airplane and so I was able to fast forward quite a bit of it. At one point I just wanted to see how it ended so that I could have some closure and move on with my life.

I REALLY hope this movie doesn’t win for best actress or actor. Visually this movie was stunning, that’s true. Full credit for making this piece of space art.