Too much bad news

I receive, on average, 4 emails a week from various organisations (local politics, global politics, environmental) informing me that bees are all dying, our libraries are closing, global warming is huge and it’s our fault, no one is looking at Fukushima, and our species and all of the other ones who live on earth are doomed. These are all very real issues that require the attention of many people in order for the problems to be solved. But. After I read an email bulletin like that (and more and more lately I skim at best) I feel helpless. I’m just 1 person and I don’t know how to help save our planet, make sure our city facilities are kept operating, and I definitely don’t know what to do about Fukushima. Does anyone? Instead of running around proclaiming the sky is falling, for once I would like to read an email that tells me, point by point, where I can begin to make a difference in this world.

And if these organisations really want to get the average Jane motivated, they should tell her where we are making improvements. Are there none? Really?! I refuse to believe that. These emails are the equivalent of what used to be the evening news, and I stopped watching the news years ago because it made me depressed. So guess what? Enviro groups and political groups just lost an avenue in which they could have reached me. We need to change the narrative from doom and gloom to encouraging and hopeful.