This is my favorite shorthand when I text and talk. It’s the perfect response to unreasonable midget behavior, inanimate objects that tick me off, and unfavorable life events of all sorts. In that case, I add a question mark sound to the end.

I’ve been struck down with a cold. That seems like such an insufficient term for how I feel today. I’ve got body aches and a throat that feels raw. I’ve been in bed for 2 days, but all I wanted to do this weekend was anything else! I’m about to muster up the strength to have a shower and brush my teeth, then change my horrible bed sheets.

I’ve been watching movies on my computer and iPad for many hours. Paul Newman, no matter how unattractive the character he’s playing is suppose to appear (in personality and looks), is gorgeous. I could watch him drink tea. No acting required. Currently I’m watching him in The Verdict.