Same old, Same old

I was surprised by the news that the Paltrow/Martin marriage is ending, but then again not really that surprised. It would be difficult to maintain a close relationship when 1 of you is nearly always pursuing your own artistic endeavours and with so much public scrutiny. There must be so many layers between them, don’t you think? If mere mortal cube farmers can barely hold it all together, how easy would it be for and actor and a musician, both of whom depend on public interest to keep their careers alive and both of whom are hardly ever home? Both of these industries create fragile egos in its participants, sooner or later.

No matter how ‘down to earth’ a celebrity seems in the completely staged interviews during which the interviewer asks canned questions and the interviewee gives canned responses, I’m confident these are not secure, balanced people. How could a person be ‘normal’ with a normal amount of self-doubt, narcissism, and perspective, while being surrounded by publicist, agent, fans, photogs shouting at you, and more money than they ever predicted earning, of which most (I think) goes to all of the machinery supporting this career choice. Plus? The machinery relies on the actor to keep up the pace. According to some gossip blogs I read, actors do almost no regular daily tasks themselves (assistants do it), and are manicured/waxed/buffed to within an inch of their lives. Lainey ( once wrote about seeing an assistant adjust the camel toe of the actress she worked for.

Relationships are commonly exploited for professional gain, and some are manufactured in a publicist’s office. I’m not sure how one can weave a web of trust, understanding and companionship with another person, knowing all of this background info? Expressing one’s feelings openly and honestly is difficult for, well all of us until we learn how to do it. And with very little besides our own feelings at stake, most ‘regular’ people still can’t be honest with others. 

If I was a celebrity, I don’t know if I would be able to resist reading tabloid news about myself and my fellow famous people. And I would have a hard time not being affected by whatever was reported, whether it was true or not. Of course. I mean after all, I’m only human, and while I’m not that easily influenced I can be swayed with effort and inundation.