Ohhhhhh, I get it now

This is all a test, right? Same as when I started my new job and had a metric tonne of assignments thrown at me to see if I could handle it. I did it then, I’ll do it now. 

Last week boy midget had an asthma attack, which is not, unfortunately, new for him. On Thursday afternoon after seeing no improvement in 48 hours despite increasing his meds and introducing the ’emergency’ ones, we decided to take him to the best hospital we have here, and he was treated for about 6 hours. That’s 6 hours of him receiving meds periodically, then having his vitals monitored to see if his health was improving. Poor kid has been inhaling steroids, taking steroid pills, and applying steroid cream to his problematic eczema. He was an emotional wreck all weekend as a result. 

On Thursday afternoon I also found out from our tenant that his immigration claim has been denied, and that he has to leave the country immediately. Our tenant was madly cleaning and packing his belongings all weekend. I’m not sure exactly when he’s leaving but the result is we won’t be collecting rent from him for April. This wouldn’t have been a big deal, but I just paid for girl midget’s summer camp this week. And we just got back from NYC. And our hydro bill is monstrous (and we’re told it’s going to increase by 40% next year or so, permanently). And I just paid the bi-annual garbage and sewage bill. Oh and property taxes have started up again. 

As much as I have chafed against my ‘safe’ job, I’m thankful I have that security in my life, at least. That and my wonderful husband. This weekend I put a lot of time into helping boy midget complete some class work he had missed while off sick most of last week. I also did the usual house stuff, and I hate winter right now. Actually what I hate are the dirty ice piles everywhere that seem impervious to salt and shovels. And I hate the dog poop lodged in there that refuses to budge. The alternative isn’t much better I suppose – goopy mud. But still. Ick. 

And of course in the face of all of this negativity I quickly look for the positive aspects of our situation. The vacant basement will be handy for our soon-to-be-visiting snowbirds. We are planning to leave it vacant until June 1 so that our families can visit and not feel rushed out due to lack of space. Boy midget is happy and healthy once again, relatively quickly. We are planning his birthday party for later this month. My baby boy is turning 13, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Husband remains a wonderful source of support for me. He’s a happy, youthful person, which is just what I need. His expansive chest is warm and soft, and his arms are almost always available for an embrace. We shall emerge from this temporary crisis same as all of the other ones; strong and happy as ever.