I’m not a doctor

…and I don’t play one on tv either. But even I can see that my mother is not receiving adequate medical care.

For at least a year or maybe even 2, my mom has had multiple UTIs, many yeast infections, diarrhea, green urine, and abdominal pain. All of these events have been treated with a LOT of antibiotics to no avail.

My mother is in nearly constant discomfort and is diligent about going to the doctor to seek help. In my opinion, her doctor (and pharmacist) is letting her down. From what I can gather from my mom, he is dismissive, quick to prescribe pills, and isn’t at all curious about why she has had so many infections over such a long period of time. Now my mother would never describe him this way. I’m drawing my own conclusions based on the care she’s receiving. I’m not sure what the pharmacist is thinking either, doling out these pills without wondering about the underlying cause.

My mom is of the generation that treats doctors like Gods. Certainly this doctor has helped my mom (and the rest of my immediate family) a lot over the years and has been a good family doctor. But not any more. My mom needs a new medical professional to take a look at her health history and current state, one who wants to figure out what is wrong with her.

I found myself explaining to my kids this weekend that when you reach your 40s or 50s, you’ll find your parents need you more than you need them, and as a result you help them with what were previously unremarkable problems. My mom helps her mother and manages her medical care and finances, and has for years. I am just starting to help out my mom with her medical problems and I expect that to continue. Otherwise I’m not sure she will get the proper care! I know doctors don’t know everything but I think they  should care about learning and figuring out problems.

A quick trip to wikipedia has convinced me that my mom likely has antibiotic-resistant bacteria causing her problems, and possibly C. Difficile, the big daddy of them all. My mom is taking antibiotics more often than not, and that is not normal or acceptable. She is otherwise a healthy, average woman, and these pills are not a good long-term strategy to helping her feel better. I think she is in for a radical change to her diet and medications.

Meanwhile I’m tracking down a new doctor for her. I found a great website to help, and after 2 phone calls I found a doctor accepting new patients. I’m hopeful this will work out; especially since this doctor is a woman and young, one who is likely inquisitive and just plain interested in improving the well-being of her patients. Let’s hope, anyhow.