Well, it’s happened

The teen years are upon us for the boy midget. He is sleepy, moody, lazy. And then he is happy, energetic and agreeable.

Tonight he was/is the former. I would love to not be subjected to sibling squabbles. One main source of disagreement is the family desktop computer. This afternoon I reached my limit of listening to and being put in the middle of arguing about whose turn it was, how long, what applications are being used, and interference by one while it is being used by the other. Hooooooooly crap I’m so tired, after all of the other shit I deal with as a mother, to listen to petty first-world problems. Crappity crap crap crap. My temporary solution is to give myself a break from this by banning computer use for 1 week.

Let’s keep in mind boy still has an Xbox 360 and they each have an iTouch.

Teen midget boy doesn’t agree with this strategy and he especially hates that I don’t care about his disagreement. I would love to have a civil conversation about how to disagree effectively but I can barely get started before boy feels persecuted, defensive, and then hyperventilates. Srsly?!

Also he is just now learning and understanding that our household is not a democracy. Up until now I have let him believe he has a say, to a certain extent. The truth is I’ve been manipulating him for years, along with his sister. A combination of distracting, diverting, and redirecting has helped them use logical deduction to reach conclusions that fit nicely with my goals. At this point he seems to willfully ignore my valid points and would rather scream about the injustice of it all.

I’m inclined to let him be grumpy tonight especially since I can’t get through to him right now. My efforts are for naught. He gets upset and that makes me upset. Or I can remain calm. However, the calmer I seem, the more upset he gets. I cannot win at the moment.