Kotex = Marketing Genius


I have been shopping for paper products for girl midget, to have in the house for her just in case. After a quick perusal at the drug store I noticed Kotex is the only company who targets the young teen girl. The tweener, if you will. The packaging is innovative too: the box is black with sparkles in one corner, bright neons as well, and on the pads themselves the black and neon theme is repeated.


I should point how how unique this is. All of the other sanitary products have pastels. Perhaps a medium blue might appear on some boxes, but otherwise it’s seafoam green, pearls, pink, purple, yellow. But don’t you think it’s time for this packaging to be improved? Maybe even innovative, modern, current?  Or are these companies getting just a little too comfortable with their current profit margins? 

It has been years since I have sought out a new brand of sanitary product, since I use a silicon cup. I’m completely out of the loop as far as these paper products go, and so was looking at all of them with fresh eyes. What I saw was tired packaging and stale marketing. 

I look forward to Kotex grabbing more market share as girls start their periods younger and younger. Girls shop with their mothers (and fathers) and will be drawn to these colours and the sharp edges of the boxes instead of the soft, squishy plastic packaging that reminds one of diapers.