Almond Milk, Quinoa, Flax

These are 3 foods I never thought would be in regular rotation in my diet. And yet, here they are. I also eat a lot of:


Frozen Banana


Nutritional Yeast

Lemon Juice



Coconut Oil and Milk

Hemp Powder


That’s right, I’m a healthy vegan. I look completely mainstream, but as soon as I start talking, people understand I’ve drunk the Vegan Kool-Aid and eaten the Animal Rights Granola. I am so far gone that I don’t even care what ‘normal’ folks think of me. I’ll probably never stop trying to convert everyone in my life, but I’d like to think I’m respectful of those who are close to me but don’t live in my house.

And even at home where I’m the most passionately trying to change everyone’s minds, I have a good sense of humour about my quest. The running joke around here is that if Mommy made the food then the kids will hate it but Husband will be tolerate it because he has to. But make no mistake, I’m engaged in Vegan warfare and it’s me against the world. I cannot stand to watch videos detailing animal abuse through either farm living/killing conditions or laboratory settings, or plain old abuse for abuse’s sake. I can’t stand it, same as I can’t stand to witness child neglect and abuse. I don’t need to have intimate regular knowledge of these tragedies to understand it’s bad. That sentiment reminds me of a Bill Burr routine wherein he says he doesn’t need any more awareness lectures regarding spousal abuse. We all know it’s terrible and no one in his or her right mind would even try to argue otherwise.

As a result of giving these animal issues some thought, along with environmental issues and humanitarian issues around the world, I’ve become an ardent vegan. I’m enthusiastic about it but I’m not a nutritionist. I certainly don’t know everything. I can’t instruct others on how to eat to alleviate physical annoyances and problems. All I can do is Rah-Rah about how great I feel physically and (wait for it) spiritually. I love that I can eat without being directly responsible for an animal’s suffering. My satisfaction is not being traded for an animal’s life.

I like to eat food that tastes good, just like everyone else. I have terribly shitty days when all I want is to find comfort in food. I like to eat to celebrate occasions like birthdays and other holidays. Going out for a meal is a wonderful date with Husband, too. So it’s not like I’m without epicurean desires; I choose different food now than I used to do, but they do the same job as far as I’m concerned.