I’m sick of everybody

Today I conformed/acquiesced/laid down for The Man. I had a city-ordered water meter installed at my house. This miracle finally took place on the city’s terms: first I made the appointment to have the inspection and installation done on a weekday; then the city rep came out and said the meter could not be installed due to incorrect dimensions etc; and then the city did not send in an expert. Did not. What happened was the paperwork got lost or else stuck on the desk of someone who then promptly took a vacation or sick leave. Since my property was still on the city’s To Do list, they then sent me a registered letter threatening to charge me an annual legacy fee if I didn’t comply. Because obvs I am the problem here.

I then called the city and set up another appt to have an ‘expert’ installer handle the situation, which he did. We have now complied and conformed and hopefully* there will be no further issues with water billing and service.

*there definitely will be issues that will be deemed to be my fault. Am I the city’s mother too?



UPDATE: The meter box was installed in such a way that now the basement door is difficult to close and open. So I need to make another appointment to get the box moved.