Why why why why

can I not resist stirring up shit? I don’t mean to do it, I promise!

I’m considering taking this entire blog offline; my writing has unintentionally gotten me into trouble sooooo many times that the backlash has gotten boring.

I express myself here. My ideas are biased, of course, because they are mine! I never thought I would have to curb what I consider to be harmless soliloquies and stream-of-consciousness writing. I have issues/events/etc in my life that trouble/worry/preoccupy me. I wouldn’t say my life is complicated.¬†I like to have things in order and when there is an issue bothering me, I need to think it through to figure out why.

I find writing down my pondering is therapeutic, even downright helpful to myself and others. Why others? Because this blog is a window into my brain, and some people in my life (and outside it) like to read it. There are stories I tell here that I wouldn’t splash across Facebook. I don’t know why that is.¬†Obviously I don’t mind publicly sharing my thoughts but most of the people who read here don’t know me personally. My friends on Facebook don’t know me like my readers here do. That’s because I seldom reveal myself on Facebook when I’m navel gazing or thinking about a prickly issue I’ve encountered in my personal life. I suppose I have an image to uphold? And honestly the fewer people who know my true thoughts on FB, the better.

Anonymity can be a wonderful thing. This brutally honest blog is not for the faint of heart.