What’s yours is yours

Your career, living arrangements, mate, children, education, how you spend your funds, resources, affection, attention, and time on this earth. All yours. And what’s mine is mine too, obvs. I had to make my own way in this world and I don’t regret the (at times) arduous learning experience. Otherwise I wouldn’t be so confident in my choices these days. I know the alternatives and I know I’ve got it good.

I actually said out loud yesterday, while at the water with husband and our dogs: “I love my life.” I don’t feel manic at the moment, but buoyant.

Husband and I like to play a game sometimes in which we pretend we are meeting for the first time. It’s really fun and I highly recommend doing it. Sometimes in public I also say such things as: “Gee I hope my husband doesn’t see me here with you!” Hilarity quickly follows.