Remember when you were a teenager and young adult, going through relationship problems and trying to figure out why the opposite sex is so dumb and unknowable? Me too.

This week I have just girl midget with me, as boy midget is away on a school trip. Step-teen is done exams and is probably sleeping most of the time if he’s not eating, but nonetheless is at his mom’s house. That means we have an only child this week. I like when this happens; gives me a taste of what life would have been like if I had stopped childbearing after 1 time. My conclusion? Pretty fucking sweet! Why did I have sex with that man all those times, and end up with more than 1 child?! Why?!!!

Patio lunches rock. Today I went out with a good friend from work, the kind of friend you can bitch to about your personal life and she always takes your side. Sometimes that’s what’s needed, not a devil’s advocate.

I feel utterly dispassionate about our off spring at the moment. All of my empathy and desire to help has been drained out of me just as surely as a bathtub empties when you pull the plug from its drain. I’ve often said that when you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything. I should put that on a canvas or a t-shirt.