Self Preservation

Dogs have none. This morning I took my dogs to one of the nearby parks here, in which there is a pond. In that pond live some ducks and a mated pair of swans who have just had cygnets (babies). Thus, the male swan is protective of the pond and its environs. No matter to dopey Ellie, who is determined to get her morning drink from the pond.

Ellie approached the pond even though the cob (male swan) was sitting there, growing more and more agitated the closer Ellie became. Ellie had the good sense to pause, but, being a stubborn large dog, she figured she could go ahead and do as she pleased regardless of the cob puffing out his chest and raising his wings to make himself seem huge.

I should have let Ellie do what she wished; that probably would have been more effective than me screaming at her, in the long term. But I couldn’t help myself and yelled at Ellie to get the hell out of the vicinity of the pond.

You know what else I can’t keep myself from doing? Answering questions on behalf of my midgets and steps. My immediate instinct is to step in and answer for them, as if I need to protect them from something, even when the situation doesn’t call for that response. Weird.

Today I’m tidying (what a benign term from what I’m undertaking) in preparation for dog sitters to arrive when we leave for Philadelphia. This is a new arrangement we’re trying out via This way we don’t need to worry about mail being brought in, plants being watered, and dogs looked after in our own home. I’ll let you know how it goes.