Turn the other cheek…REALLY???

I might need to read this post over a few hundred times.

Culture Monk


By Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday morning I was sitting at coffee with one of my good friends and after he said goodbye and walked away the stranger sitting next to me suddenly snarled, “Is that your friend?

The tone of the dude’s voice conveyed that he wasn’t someone I felt like talking with and although I ignored his question, the guy continued, “Your friend is a f***ing ass! You must be a moron if you hang out with people like him”.

I smiled at the guy, politely put away my laptop and walked away…..yet everything in me wanted to go on the attack and level into the guy by giving him a piece of my mind. Whatever kind of person would so randomly start talking to me like that probably ‘deserves’ me to cuss them out, but I doubt that me yelling at the guy would…

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