Shabbat dinners restart

Tonight we are re-instituting the shabbat dinners that used to take place in our home every other Friday before life got in the way. Due to my new-ish diet, now I am trying to find ways to feed my family in ways that don’t conflict with how I would like them to eat.

First up, a hearty salad:

I may not have talked about Oh She Glows here before, but I have elsewhere. This vegan recipe wizard provides me (and my family) with many tasty recipes. Not everything I make is a slam dunk, thanks to the midgets generally disliking tomatoes, chickpeas (and therefore hummus), avocados in any form, and almond millk (unless it’s in a smoothie and therefore disguised). Asparagus is on the “I hate it” list as well.

I’m going to give cauliflower a try tonight too:

Oh and I am definitely going to make the chocolate cups again!

Husband is picking up the challah and the wine.


Next up, I need to come up with a Sunday meal to honour my own family’s traditions.  Of course I will need to modify a meal quite a bit (no roast beef, pork), but I’m sure I can come up with something.