Appreciation is Ridiculous

Words mean nothing. Less than nothing because they hold promises that will never be fulfilled.

Actions, on the other hand, mean the world.

I still have lessons left to learn, and am attempting some objectivity to narrow down/prioritize the to-do list.

1. Learn how to be more forgiving. I shouldn’t be criticizing others for holding grudges if I can’t let go of them myself. However, I need to not go too far into the other direction and forgive too quickly. I used to do that. Now the pendulum has swung in the other direction. I’m aiming for the middle.

2. Be less worried and also more worried about the midgets. Be less worried when one of them acts less maturely than I expect. Be more worried about them having so much free time and figure out how to fill it.

3. Never stop striving to be a kinder, smarter, more helpful adult, because I am certainly not done growing and maturing either.