What the hell am I going to make for tomorrow’s BBQ?


In other news, yesterday I saw a movie in a VIP lounge at a movie theatre downtown. Holy moly, I loved it. What is the difference there, you might ask?

Seats that are cushy, wider than normal, and recline.

  • Arm rests that can be folded up to make cuddling/hiding your eyes from an intense scene easier.
  • Menus with interesting items (floats, cocktails, other food)
  • Table service (I think only before movie starts but I don’t know for sure)
  • Leg room! No one sitting in my row has to stand up to let me in or out of my seat.

Cost? Weekday matinée is $20. Weekend is $25. Once in a while, this is a wonderful treat.

Am I turning back into a hick? Was I ever one to begin with?


There is, as usual, a lot of drama going on in our immediate family, but I actually do not feel involved in it. I feel like a puzzled spectator. Without being too vague, some behaviour occurred that I found to be tremendously and shockingly immature. I don’t think there is anything to be done about it; the situation happened and that’s all there is to it.  There are no apologies wanted, only growth. Do I vent too much? I don’t know. That’s like saying I have too many feelings.

At least I can still count on my Gramma to sound like herself. I phoned her this morning and she answered the phone, “Yellow!” just like always. That greeting alone makes me feel warm and safe.