More Ha and Less Blah

When I was in high school, I had a few English teachers who really shaped my style. One teacher taught me how to be succinct; another taught me to boldly describe my opinions. As a result, I’m pretty good at writing technical manuals.

On this blog though, I try to write whatever I’m thinking about at the time. This morning husband and I had some time to spare and so we got some coffees and went to the waterfront. Once there we both agreed that for that moment, we felt like we were dating and not married. The fresh but comfortable companionship, the interesting banter, and congenial feelings are surprisingly frequent even after we each said ‘I do.’

I ride the subway quite often during the week and as I look at my fellow weary travelers I’m struck by the struggles everyone must face. Everyone has a hectic morning, everyone is rushing at some point in their day, and everyone wishes they were elsewhere at least once during their hours awake.

Tonight I’ve agreed to help girl midget go through all of her closet contents and either donate or move out everything not belonging to her. This action is in preparation for buying new clothes in a bigger size, although I’m hoping we find enough neglected and buried items that we won’t have to buy anything new.

I actively try to get rid of ‘stuff’ and I feel like I’m fighting a mighty tide! I have a garbage bag full of items to donate every other week it seems, and yet that makes no difference. I’m fascinated by the concept of tiny house living, as I have mentioned before, because of the Spartan nature of that life style. I understand there is only so much I can get rid of, as my family is constantly growing, changing, and scrounging for school project supplies and Halloween costume props. It’s amazing the items that come in handy. I nearly understand the mentality of a hoarder.

I’m getting the itch again, the itch to rearrange the living room furniture. I’ve felt it coming on for about a week now…