Hit the Gas!

I’ve been using a phrase a lot lately: Don’t take your foot off the gas pedal. I use this metaphor to describe how I need to parent my midgets.

Girl midget takes sewing lessons and piano lessons. As for boy midget, he continues to be active in Scouts, and he also has piano to practice.

I’m attempting to add more activities and interests to their rosters. I’m working on convincing girl midget to try out for a sports team this Fall. I’d like to ensure both are busy and out of the house most of the time. I’d also like them both to get involved in some youth groups and community organizations.

When a kid is busy he or she doesn’t have much time to get into trouble, and that’s what I mean about keeping my foot on the gas pedal with regard to raising my midgets.

In the interest of keeping the midgets busy, we are continuing Friday Shabbat dinners and Sunday morning church service. All of this cultural knowledge being transferred to the midgets has a cumulative effect, I hope. I mean, if they grow up to be ridiculously bratty, entitled, self-indulgent adults with no regard for helping others and maintaining focus to succeed in whatever they have chosen to pursue, I will be disappointed. I don’t care how anyone else might define success; I describe it as having achieved a useful education (in college or uni), a good-paying job that’s 70% enjoyable (because 100% is unrealistic and impossible and will only make a person sad), and healthy interpersonal relationships. This doesn’t sound like much of a list, does it?

My midgets don’t need much from me physically, anymore. Now we are making the shift to mental parenting. Ha ha! You know what I mean though. I no longer have to help them take care of their physical selves; instead I help them navigate the world of relationships, responsibility, independence, and respect.

Hit the gas!