What makes a trip a vacation?

…lack of work, whether your profession is indoors or out. Visiting a city when you are on vacation (and so not working) completely changes its complexion. I pointed this out to husband this morning when he was waxing poetic about how amazing Paris is. I agree Paris is amazing and I love it there and holy crap would I love to live there for the rest of my days, taking occasional trips to the south part of France.


If we lived and worked in Paris, the city would certainly lose some of its luster. We would be fighting crowds getting on and off subway trains and buses, spending most of our days in climate control, cooking meals, doing errands on the weekends, boring house cleaning and laundry, and making sure my midgets become well-rounded productive adults.


We could bring our dogs into restaurants (the solarium part). We would be (as would our offspring) be fluent in French. We would be surrounded by very old very beautiful architecture, art, etc. etc. etc.


We live in a beautiful water-side community. We go to the beach every morning to let the dogs run around, no matter what time of year. There are adorable shops, cafes and restaurants to go to, friendly people and neighbours, and this is all within walking distance of our house. Oh and we own a house here. Oh and my midgets’ dad lives less than 2 km away from me.

This weekend I delivered girl midget and a friend of hers to my parents, where the girls will stay this week. I handed over the girls’ health cards to my mom, and nothing else was needed. No time zones, no passports, no letters of permission, and no out-of-country health insurance.