Looking back on it: I shouldn’t.

I shouldn’t look back, I mean. Looking only forward is sometimes hard to do, just think about Lot’s wife. She couldn’t resist turning back to look behind her one last time.

Husband and I have been midget-free all week, due to my youngest visiting Gramma, and my older being away at scout camp. We have been preoccupied all week though, with other people in our lives. I seriously doubt they know how much their ups and downs affect the ups and downs of husband and I. Actually I hope they don’t know how much their silence, alternated with disrespectful texts, defriending on FB, and then contacting husband only because they need something from him affects us. Because if they do know this? Then I’m even more disappointed, shocked, and saddened than before. I might never sleep again and neither will husband.

I would love for these people to contact husband to see how HE is doing, to ask HIM to have a coffee with them, or to simply give a shit about keeping in touch without also needing something from him. Do I want an apology? Hell No. No no no no no. That’s not what is needed here. What is needed is for them to treat husband as if his feelings are just as important as theirs are. How about if husband is able to tell them he is upset with them, and have them listen? And then they don’t go off in a huff and disappear for weeks at a time? Create a dialog, a back-and-forth, a mature relationship.

This line of thought leads me to wonder if people can really change or not? More specifically, are people able to change their reactions to and relationships with others? I don’t know yet.