Planning myself into a ball of stress

Gah, I am in the throes of trip planning for next summer. Originally, for various reasons (English-speaking country desired, getting in touch with our roots) we chose Ireland as our big summer 2015 destination.

So, I mocked up an itinerary, complete with educated calculations for flights, camper rental, fuel, site seeing fees, camp site fees, and meals. All of it calculated and then converted to our currency. Behind these numbers is a wealth of research into site seeing must-dos, a driving route around the entirety of Ireland, how much time to allow at each site, where we are sleeping and how much gas we will use. So, a lot of research. I’m the kind of traveler who thinks that if a little bit of site seeing is good, then more is even better. After all, when would we get to Ireland as a family again? Probably never, so I had better make this trip count. We should stretch ourselves physically and financially to see the most meaningful sites, which would amount to a lot of driving, which includes a lot of direction-figuring (nevermind the GPS, we would still have to navigate/concentrate for hours each day) and patience.

3+ weeks of that sort of thing doesn’t signify, for me or husband, a relaxing vacation. Heck, not a vacation at all. And having grumpy parental figures doesn’t usually equate a vacation for the midgets either, I have found. Our greatest trip we have taken en famille so far was to Paris, where we stayed for a full month. I had drawn up daily itineraries from which we could choose, and either during the night before or breakfast that day would make a decision on what we are going to do that day. There were days when we didn’t do much of anything except wander around our neighbourhood and stop for impromptu picnics where appropriate (i.e. wherever there was a patch of grass and a need for us to stop for a break).

Thus, Ireland has been scrapped, pretty much. I quickly looked at the tally for the trip and thought about going to an all-inclusive beach or something, but with that money we would be able to afford just 1 week. And as an educational type trip for the midgets, an all-inclusive beach vacation falls short.  So.  After conferring with husband and with boy midget who is now 13 and so has opinions (which I make him stand up for because otherwise he can mouth off without backing up those opinions with hard facts/work/plans), we have tentatively decided on London UK. The reasoning is that, we can have 1 home base for a few weeks there, and can follow the same sort of pattern as in Paris: we would have some day trips planned and we would choose what to do on what day. Less rigid than the Ireland trip and hopefully therefore a bit easier too. To offset the cost of staying in such an expensive city, we would eat breakfast at the apartment and pack a lunch, probably. Dinners out are inevitable because by the end of the day I’m not interested in cooking/cleaning/etc. I mean HFS I don’t like the dinner routine when I’m at home, much less on vacation. Now of course, because we would already be in Britain, I figure we should make the trek to see Edinburgh and Hadrian’s wall. And if we’re going that far up we should go to Fort William or Inverness. And if we’re doing that, we should stay in Scotland for a week and maybe even go to Isle of Skye. You see what I’m getting at here? I can’t stop myself, and before I know it I’ve planned myself into a tiring, extravagant trip. I’m working on curtailing that but so far I haven’t had much luck.

Tonight we have more people checking into our airbnb lodging, and boy midget is doing the cleaning. For this I give him the cleaning fee ($25), which is a great income for him. All I need to do is gather up the required cleaning supplies and then inspect his work when he is finished.

Is it too late to work on a garden, halfway through a cool summer? Because I need to do something with the backyard.