She’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain when she comes

I run through lifestyle and financial scenarios frequently, usually at night or in the early mornings. I think that’s when I feel most contemplative about and vulnerable to life’s twists and turns. Husband has his own survival scenarios that are much more worrisome, based on a post-apocalyptic future that takes place after a natural disaster has caused mass panic among all human beings. My worries are much more localized and involve only my immediate tribe. I wouldn’t even call them worries though, more like questions about how we can do ‘this’ better; ‘this’ being our lifestyle and all that entails.

In particular I’ve been reading about tiny houses for a few months now and I’m intrigued by the concept. The main problem is that a low-cost lifestyle does not work when you are raising a family in a city. The land prices here are steep and there’s no way to get around that. Land is at a premium and likely always will be. I’m not going to move to the city outskirts because then I would be spending a much more precious commodity, time, getting midgets to school etc. and myself to work. I’m not a commuter. I’ve tried it before, about 15 years ago when traffic was way lighter than now and I was going against traffic so it was supposedly the best sort of commute. Umm no. No it doesn’t work for me. The impetus to build a tiny house in which to live would be to give myself more time. I would be able to retire earlier or else keep working but fewer hours. But again this doesn’t work when midgets need to get to school, activities, and their dad’s house. We are just now at the point where the midgets can walk to dad’s from my house and vice versa! No adults need to be involved in transporting the offspring between the two houses. In another year I won’t have to worry about girl midget getting to school because she will be old enough to walk there on her own.

Time vs convenience. When I have to choose between the 2 of those I’ll take convenience. I learned from my own parents, since I grew up outside a small town, that raising a family is infinitely easier when the midgets can get themselves to their destinations (before they are 16 and can drive, which presents its own problems with needing more than 1 car in that situation if you want true midget independence) without my help.


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