Little Man

When boy midget was born, his father and I had narrowed down the name selection to 3. We spent the next 5 weeks figuring out first middle and last, and in the mean time called him Little Man.

Of course we were unprepared for the tornado that is the event of integrating your firstborn into your twosome. There are implications for your daily lives (i.e. mom stays home from work on maternity leave instead of working at a paid job all day as usual), relationships (what is this sex you speak of?), and the very steep learning curve, nay, brick wall you encounter when learning how to care for a newborn baby and keep one’s sanity amidst the sleep deprivation and feeding a mewling infant from your body. How on earth can a couple decide on a baby name in the middle of all of that? I barely had time to pee, shower, sleep, or change clothes, much less decide on something as monumental as what everyone would call your baby, this new person, for the rest of his life?!

So. In the end, because I was so tired and discombobulated I could barely make change for a quarter, we took our 3 names and called Little Man by each name for 1 day each. 3 days later we had his first, middle, middle, and last. 1 name emerged victorious without any trouble. Little Man was no longer.

You’d a thought we would have learned our lesson for the arrival of our second child. Nope. For 5 weeks we called her Fee, short for female. Hey, it worked for us, even if everyone else thought we were taking way too long to decide each time. I dunno about that; choosing a name is hella important and deserves careful consideration after meeting the baby. So there.


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