Joyful as F*ck

My little family has been growing up. Boy midget took the subway & city bus on his own this weekend. Girl midget has started riding her bike over to friends’ houses during daylight hours. About these events I feel thrilled.

Husband and I have been discussing our near and far plans, and have come up with a 7-yr plan. For the next 7 years I’ll keep my office job and he will continue to build his business and open a 2nd storefront. I can keep my head down and toil for 7 more years.

I mean really, many people look at their working life in 20-year chunks. And then feel like a hamster on a wheel. But 7 years? I can do 7 years. At that point our youngest will be 18, off to post secondary, and ready for independence. I will take a long unpaid leave of absence from my job, and husband and I will travel. Not just travel but live elsewhere for extended periods of time.

7 more summers, 4 Christmases and 3 Chanukahs. That’s not very many when I put it that way. I enjoy my life as it is now: the routine, my young kids, my career that I have worked so hard to maintain through countless personal milestones and challenges, and my many friends at work and outside of work. My weekends, vacations, busy life, carving out quiet times and talking with my kids while they are still interested in my opinion, are just some of the good parts. I joke a lot about my kids growing up and not listening to me eventually, but honestly I will be pretty effing pissed/sad/crushed when that happens. Maybe it won’t happen? Dare I even hope? Once when boy midget was in grade 1 or so, he told me I was the prettiest mommy at school. Excitedly I asked if I was the coolest as well. His brutally honest response, “No, but definitely the prettiest,” was impressively thoughtful.

One of my good friends recently lost her dog to illness. This reminded me of losing my beloved dog in 2011, and the losses I’m facing with my other 2 dogs in the years to come. Having a dog is wonderful and I have often waxed poetic about how great they are and how much they irritate the crap out of me at times so much I want to give them away. No doubt I will be heartbroken when they die, and they will surely die before I do. That’s good though, because I plan to live beyond the next 10 years!

I guess this post has been all over the place topic-wise. Not surprising given how long it’s been since my last entry.