It’s Friday

Thank f*ck.

I actually don’t dislike my job right now. I feel lucky when I’m walking into our office building, fortunate to have landed a regular job as I had hoped to while in my 20s. Believe it or not I used to yearn for a cube job, not just for the job but what it represented to me: adulthood and all its trappings.

Mostly though I feel indifferent toward my Monday to Friday post. Of course I know I would be up the proverbial shit creek without said paddle without it, but honestly I’m fairly bored. My main motivation to be there is money, second is the significant amount of friends I have amassed while at my current employer.

A few months ago I was pretty gung-ho about finding a new place to work, but I’ve abandoned that plan for now. Or rather that plan has abandoned moi. Jobs such as mine are hard to come by. One would think as a result I would be more enthusiastic about my daily toil but this is not the case. I remember when I used to get excited to discuss fonts (obvs my deep understanding of kerning let me effectively participate in such a discussion).

These days I’m happiest to don my company-issued lanyard when I know I’ll get to see some work friends and my latest project doesn’t require me to work with a douchebag. It’s the little things, no?



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