An exercise in frustration for everybody

I am a terrible cook now.

For the past year I have been re-learning how to cook, due to becoming vegan after being vegetarian for about 20 yrs. For many years I have been the ‘different’ one in my immediate family. If anyone was going to go through life looking at unique points of view and metaphorical alternative routes, that would be me. I fully embrace my role in my family and I don’t care anymore what anyone thinks, up to a certain point anyway. I was pretty great at creating meals using dairy and eggs, but oh no that would be too easy to continue that way. Now I am (trying valiantly) learning how to construct well-rounded meals with only plants and grains.

I have a few really great cookbooks. I read a lot of tips and tricks online. I have a vegan stepdaughter who has given helpful advice. I’m enthusiastic, even!

I suck. I just do. I hate that I can’t get the hang of this!

Weekends are the worst because what am I supposed to do, eat out every meal with my family? During the week the babysitter feeds them lunch, and I’ve managed to keep breakfast foods in the house (although there’s no cow’s milk in our house anymore, which is a hardship for some residents). So there’s just dinner to worry about.

Don’t bother wasting your energy trying to help me. After more than a year of intense reading and practice, I f*cking give up at least for now. If there’s anything I know about myself, it’s that I throw myself into whatever my latest interests are. I feel like I gave this lifestyle change a complete effort. Husband has said he’s going to try to cook more (this means more meat). Meanwhile he works 6 days a week, so I don’t know how realistic a statement this is.

I can’t provide an attractive alternative, so I’m going to keep quiet for how. Time to regroup.


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