Default Setting

Why do some people immediately think the worst scenario is the most likely? Why do others expect sunshine? I’d love to know, so I can program my midgets to be optimistic survivors instead of grumbling disenfranchised curmudgeons. These 2 options appear to be the only ones available.

Also, resting bitch face: the face you wear when you are walking alone and thoughtful. Also the face you wear when paying at the register, sitting on a bus, or doing some shopping. Some people when not actively smiling, look miserable. I made the mistake of asking a passing woman if she was alright because her face looked contorted in pain. She took great offence and told me maybe there is something wrong with me to be poking my nose where it doesn’t belong.

Oh also I went out on Sunday morning to use an ATM. There was a man I front of me at the door, holding a full laundry hamper, a laundry sack, and a drink. So of course I tried to help him with the door. And of course he yelled at me for a few minutes afterward. The gist was that he doesn’t need my help and I had startled him, and I need to back off. I hadn’t realized my presence was so menacing.

Even though evidence suggests I’m bothering people with my ‘helpfulness’ I shan’t be deterred. So look out neighbours, I’m coming to your aid!


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