The sun on my face

At this time of year, each sunny day is a rare blessing. The dogs and I wandered around on the beach, recognizing that today is wonderful.

Remembrance Day has come once again. A few years ago I was standing in Normandy, at Point de Hoc in particular, gazing at the water and marvelling at all of the evocative scenery and landmarks. There are bomb craters still left there although they are now covered in grass. We investigated the bunkers, taking in the details such as the charred walls. The whole day was sobering and impressive. The beautifully maintained monuments in the American cemetery (I really think we could have eaten off the platform on one of them), the perfectly groomed grass around each grave marker, the American employees speaking heavily accented French but speaking it nonetheless, were all part of a very rich experience.

Later this morning I’ll head to girl midget’s school for their ceremony. Boy midget’s school has something this afternoon. I’ll probably go to that too; it isn’t often I have the time and inclination to attend these school gatherings. Besides, much more noble to attend ceremonies honouring veterans than to rake leaves, even though the latter is more ‘productive’.


One thought on “The sun on my face

  1. Thank youTanya for taking us to Normandy, Hoc beach, Juno and the American cemetery. It was very real and solem. Your writing is outstanding.


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