Mommy said a bad word!

Last week, in a mood of omg-if-these-gd kids-don’t-start-picking-up-I’m-going-to-scream and am-I-the-only-person-here-who-likes-things-neat, I used a bad word to ask boy midget if the coat I saw on the floor was his. I lost my cool because he dumps his @#$%ing coat on the floor every damn day even though there is a plethora of hooks on the wall RIGHT BESIDE WHERE HE DUMPS HIS COAT. This kid is the biggest slacker in terms of personal hygiene and taking care of his belongings, and you’d think, given his screen time, that he is a poor student as well. Happily, I’m wrong about that last attribute, for he is a very good student with very good grades, especially in math and science.

I’ve never shied away from using swear words in front of my kids, and they have nearly always understood that these words are for me to use, as a tax-paying adult, and not them. When they move out of my house and start taking care of their own lives all by themselves? Go ahead and teach me some new words. I watched an episode of Deadwood and I was really surprised at the banality of the curse words. Have these words been around since the wild west? I’ve never watched the series Rome, but I’m told the curse words are really different from modern-day, and quite creative as well.

Boy midget actually chided me for my language, albeit gently. I told him if he starts hanging up his coat like a good citizen should, I will stop using that word.


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