Did you hear that? That’s my ego dying.

HFS I am tired of cooking for my kids. Tonight I made a fragrant rice and lentils dish, with toasted nuts on top and some mixed veg on the side. Boy midget tried it and ate most of the plate I gave him, after he told me it needed salt (fine) and the veg weren’t cooked enough (false).  At least he ate it? Girl midget sampled a tiny bit, and declared she didn’t like it. I told her that she can now make her own dinners. I meant it, too.

Do I love:

  • looking in our pantry and fridge to see what we have; and
  • search through my recipe books and online to see what I can make from what we have; and
  • preparing an often unfamiliar recipe that I think my kids will eat; and
  • cleaning up the kitchen afterward while raging because my midgets are ridiculous?

Do they think I choose foods on purpose that they won’t like?

They definitely know I don’t like to cook. I’ve made that crystal clear, that I don’t like cooking at the best of times, and especially not when the food I prepare doesn’t get eaten. Why would I like it when people make me work? For no good reason? To what end? Grrrrr.

All of this is happening and Christmas is coming too; traditionally a time when I prepare a lot of foods in anticipation of receiving a crowd. Well, this year I feel pretty crappy about my prospects! So I do believe I will be purchasing a lot of foods, and the ones I d o make, I will make them for myself, Husband, and other guests. My midgets can suck it.



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