Why can’t I be grumpy today?

Merry Christmas etc etc etc.

I really need a glass of red right now. Hmmmm. Hard to believe I sort of gave up alcohol about a year ago. Luckily I am not an alcoholic (I swear) and it doesn’t run in my family. Is that really a thing? My dad smoked cigarettes like crazy from age 12 until he keeled over at 55. So obvs he had an addiction problem. Can one inherit cross-addiction? There’s a lot of controversy about alcoholism being a ‘disease’ too. Happily, I don’t have to worry about that for myself.

I also need to think about tonight’s dinner for my family, I guess? I guess.

I’m not exactly grumpy. I’m just not chipper. And that’s not allowed this week.

I need to head out later to do a little more grocery gathering, mostly drinks and vegetables. Surprisingly, everything else is covered. I even finished buying stocking items today. Yes I did!

With all the presents dealt with (just 1 more to wrap, all else is done, wowee I’m amazing), my worries move on to food. What I’m making, when I’m making it, and how the hell am I going to make it through? I might cry.

I looked at a photo album last night of pictures from my childhood. Most of the pics were of birthdays, thanksgiving and Christmas. My mother is not usually in the pictures, of course, because she was always cooking/cleaning/accommodating guests/making everything perfect. Not that we didn’t help, because we definitely did, but putting on a dinner is a huge deal. Duh.

Ok, fine, I’m putting on my boots and going out yet again. I need hemp powder too, for my smoothies.


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