The most dangerous phrase ever!

“May help prevent cancer/diabetes/Alzheimer’s/general decay of body and mind.”

Well in that case I can keep drinking a river of red wine, eating my weight (which is going up because I haven’t felt a hunger pain in about 6 weeks) in dark chocolate, and occasionally some granola or a smoothie, plus a salad. That’s good, right? Antioxidants, etc. I eat nuts too, high in calorie but supposedly amazing for you. Whatever.

Look, anyone who knows me knows that nutrition and general health is my hobby. Sometimes it’s been a personal part-time job for me. And yet. I still look like an average middle-ager, trying to keep all the figurative plates spinning. Dr. Oz has been discredited in pop culture and I agree with that verdict. Dr. Campbell and his 2 PhD children are still blazing nutritional trails. The China Study really blew my mind when I read it. I need to read it again.

This past week Husband and I had a little getaway to his mom’s empty condo (she is currently in Florida). During this vacation, we each had a 90 minute massage. I was looking for some relaxation, to wake up refreshed after sleeping all night. Husband has pretty significant hip/walking issues. He left the massage feeling like he had been kneaded like a loaf of bread dough. But at least the problem has been determined – the muscles on his inner thighs are way too tight, which affect his back and hip, and makes walking any distance more than 2 city blocks nearly impossible. It’s sad. I’ve entered the age when my spouse and I might be way-laid by any number of ailments at any time, unless we are absolutely vigilant about maintaining our bodies. Luckily though, we are still young enough to turn that around, if we want to. It’s not fun for me. Exercise just for the sake of burning calories makes me weep.

Making it all the way to retirement age and then being healthy enough to enjoy those golden years is like winning the lottery, I imagine, and just as rare.


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