God Got a Dog

This book was introduced to me this weekend, and I like it enough to share here:

God Got a Dog

This book portrays God as a real person, one who write fan letters, attends beauty school, works a desk job for a day (and as a result eats 37 Snickers(TM) bars to get through that 1 day), and eventually gets a dog. In this book, sometimes God is a he and sometimes a she.

Today on my to-do list is to refrain from getting offended about being Christian-raised instead of Jewish, due to the elderly views of someone who is both irrelevant to my every day life and also deeply cutting with her thoughtless, meddling, and tactless commentary.

Last week one of my co-workers asked how many children I have,  as in, how many did I give birth to and am raising. Well, I have 2. So, she said, I just have to worry about those 2, right?. Hell and No, that’s not how it goes.

The actions, successes, failures, needs, plans, and outcomes of my step-children are never far from my thoughts, since it all affects dear Husband. And how should I compartmentalize those relationships anyway? I don’t think I could or should. These ‘children’ need their Dad, and so I support them through him. I give him advice when he asks, I help him through their transitions and I listen to him talk about them when he needs an ear, same as he does for me with my midgets.

Husband has had a huge impact on my midgets, mostly because they were so young when Husband and I met. Some of my midgets’ humour, sayings, and attitudes are exact copies of Husband, which I find amusing and wonderful. Husband is right in the parenting trenches with me. This morning boy midget was feeling poorly, maybe ill enough to stay home from school, but I wasn’t sure. So I sent in the most objective adult in my household to evaluate the situation. Husband concurred; boy midget is down for the count today.

Today also marks the first day that I am letting boy midget be at home alone while sick. Usually I would immediately announce to my work that I am staying home due to having a sick child. I will probably not be in the office for the entire day due to me being too worried about boy midget and his breathing (which is fine at the moment but that can change quickly), but I’ve made an appearance and that counts for something. I am woman, and I demand to be counted.



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