Husband drives to New York State quite a bit because his elderly mom lives there and because he often has paid work waiting for him there too. I have mixed feelings about his absence here but I always encourage him to go nonetheless. It’s all for the greater good, both to check on his mom and to make significant cash in a short amount of time, to say nothing of the personal satisfaction he gets from a job well done.

Without fail, he shops for our household while there. Mostly he comes back with food items for the pantry such as snacks and staples, in what I consider enormous quantities. When the car pulls into our driveway I brace myself for the unloading. Now, these are all things we will (eventually) eat and use, but we don’t live in a sprawling suburban house with the proportionately-sized kitchen. So storage is a big issue.

I do my best to absorb all of the items, surprising myself at how much I can tuck away here and there. During the last few trips Husband has noticed the impact his shopping has on our home and has actually scaled back slightly. He thinks before he buys, though he still arrives like Santa with a huge sack of surprises.

Tonight he returned from a business trip to the states and he helped unload the car and absorb the groceries. It’s a big deal and I often joke that I’m the only thing standing between him and an appearance on the tv show Hoarders. But alas his hunter-gatherer heart is in the right place, and I love him for that.


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